Although we visited other locations, our trip to Bretagne focused on the spectacular lighthouses of this french coast.

We started in the southern part of Bretagne, in Penvins.

From here we went to the Peninsula of Quiberon.

The first lighthouse we visited was in Doëlan.

From here we passed through a village called Locronan.

Then, we went to the lighthouse of Petit Minou.

On the way to the lighthouse of Kermovan, we found this beautiful spot.

This is the panorama that the lighthouse of Kermovan offered to us.

After that, we passed by the Saint-Mathieu’s lighthouse.

And on the beach of Brignogan we found the lighthouse of Pontusval.

Near by there is the Meneham Site

And finally, on the pink granite coast, we visited the Men Ruz’ lighthouse.